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Welcome to Sidekick, an innovative program that combines six free resources under one easy-to-access umbrella. With Sidekick, you have the tools you need to create inspiring and engaging content that meets the needs of diverse audiences, tough budgets and ever-changing regulations. Here you’ll find tools that can help you inspire student success, ensure universal access, and utilize robust delivery methods to bring content to life for all students. Click on the links below to learn more, or go straight to the programs websites by clicking on the their site link below. And be sure to keep checking back as Sidekick continues to grow and provide even more ways for you to become an education superhero.


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Hi. Welcome to Sidekick, your go-to place for the tools you need to create dynamic, multi-media projects more easily than you ever thought possible. Not a high-tech person? No worries. With a variety of free resources at your fingertips, Sidekick ensures you’ll have all the... backup you need to create robust, accessible content that engages and inspires. Just click on the logos below... to learn how each program can help... from captioning and podcasting... to web conferencing and tactile graphics, Sidekick has got your back. And be sure to check back soon, because Sidekick is just getting started.